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Technology Protocol

Technology Protocol:


  • Acceptable Use Policy
    • All Faculty/Staff must have a signed AUP on file to receive an e-mail/computer account
    • Please refrain from sending junk emails, and any e-mail that could be considered spam
    • E-Mail and Internet Access are for Business purposes only
  • Public Access
    • Indiana Access to Public Records ACT
      • The APRA defines a public record: . . . any writing, paper, report, study, map, photograph, book, card, tape recording, or other material that is created, received, retained, maintained, or filed by or with a public agency and which is generated on paper, paper substitutes, photographic media, chemically based media, magnetic or machine readable media, electronically stored data, or any other material, regardless of form or characteristics. I.C. § 5-14-3-2.
      • I.C. § 5-14-3-2 defines public agency very broadly to include boards, commissions, departments and offices exercising administrative, judicial or legislative power; counties, townships, cities, law enforcement agencies; school corporations; advisory commissions, committees and bodies; license branches; the lottery commission and the gaming commission. Additionally, any entity that is subject to audit by the State Board of Accounts is a public agency for purposes of the APRA. An entity that is maintained or supported, in whole or in part, by public funds may fall within the APRA, and, therefore, its records are accessible.
    • Email, User Documents, and Internet Access are all journaled and retained for a period of 3 years in compliance with State and Federal Law.
  • 7540.01 – TECHNOLOGY PRIVACY – Board Policy
    • Because the Corporation’s computer and voice mail systems are to be used for business and educational purposes, staff members are prohibited from sending offensive, discriminatory, or harassing computer, electronic, or voice mail messages.
    • All computers, telephone systems, electronic mail systems, and voice mail systems are the Corporation’s property and are to be used for business purposes. The Corporation retains the right to access and review all electronic and voice mail, computer files, data bases, and any other electronic transmissions contained in or used in conjunction with the Corporation’s computer system, telephone system, electronic mail system, and voice mail system. Staff members should have no expectation that any information contained on such systems is confidential or private.


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