eLearning Guidance

GCSC eLearning Guidance for Staff

eLearning is an opportunity for Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation to provide continuous instruction that would otherwise be delayed due to severe weather in our area. As eLearning plans are made, there are several factors that professionals should keep in mind to ensure that we provide students a quality day of learning.

eLearning Days will be utilized when the school corporation has time to prepare students for severe weather situations. Staff, students, and community members will be notified of the eLearning Day through our conventional means of communication, including School Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and TV/Radio messaging.

Devices and chargers may be sent home with students in all grades when hazardous weather conditions are forecasted for the following day(s).

Students will be expected to complete the eLearning tasks on their school-provided devices on the day they are assigned, though students may be given up to one week to complete the eLearning lessons in some instances. If students do not complete the lessons within a week, they may be counted “absent” for the eLearning day of school. Lab opportunities will be made available to students within a few days of the eLearning day, taking place at the school before or after the regularly scheduled school day.

eLearning lessons should be written in the spirit of continuous instruction, meaning the eLearning lesson should be consistent with the lessons leading up to the eLearning day and the lessons after the eLearning day.

eLearning days are considered a contracted work days for certified staff members. Therefore, faculty members are expected to be available to students and parents via email during the hours of a typical school day (7:40 AM-2:40 PM for K-6 teachers and 8:30 AM -3:30 PM for 7-12 teachers) with 30 minutes set aside for lunch. Lesson assignments should be available to students by 9:00 AM on eLearning days, thus providing teachers with some time for planning and posting the lessons.

Students and parents should have well-publicized methods to reach a teacher. Email communication is expected, and phone calls and/or texting are also permissible. If a staff member does not have access to the Internet at home, he/she should relocate to a site with functioning Internet, unless the county alert status is elevated to a no travel level. Students and parents should receive a response to questions and concerns (email or call) within the workday if the initial contact is made during the teacher’s contracted times.

Although eLearning is conducted in a different environment than a typical classroom, lessons should be built with the G-C Instructional Model as the framework. Creative lessons are encouraged to help students maintain engagement in the day.

eLearning lessons should contain all materials needed for the lesson. If a student will need a page from a textbook or paper that was sent home, these items should also be made available on the student’s device, through Google Classroom / Moodle, or on the teacher’s website. Since many students will be completing assignments at a relative’s house or daycare, it is our duty to ensure that students have access to all items they need to complete the learning tasks.