Counseling Support

As mental health professionals, we work together to help educate and support children socially, emotionally, and physically.

  • Child Advocacy
  • 1-1 student support
  • Small groups
  • Knowledge of community resources School-wide interventions
  • IEP/504
  • ADHD consultation and facilitation Collaboration with community programs Classroom presentations
  • Family support
  • Staff consultation 

Tier 1 (K-3):

Eden Elementary:

Counselor: Tonya [email protected]

Harris Elementary:

Counselor: Katie Hall-[email protected]

Social Worker: Jennifer Tanksley-[email protected] 

J.B. Stephens Elementary:

Counselor: Aleesha Broadus-[email protected]

Weston Elementary:

Social Worker: Terry Miller-[email protected]

Tier 2 (4-6):

Greenfield Intermediate:

Counselor: Kimberly Hunt-[email protected]

Social Worker: Bill Paulin-[email protected]

Maxwell Intermediate:

Social Worker: Scott Stroud-[email protected] 

Tier 3 (7-8):

Greenfield-Central Junior High School:

Counselor: Elizabeth Fortuna-[email protected]

Counselor: Rebecca Smith-[email protected]

Social Worker: Keila Hatfield-[email protected]

Greenfield-Central High School:

Director of Counselors: Sarah Graham-[email protected] 

Counselor: Sheleatha Aldridge-[email protected]

Counselor: Sherri Foster-[email protected]

Counselor: Sarah Knecht-[email protected]

The Academy:

Social Worker: Alexa Crowe-[email protected]