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Welcome to Greenfield-Central Schools

Academic Excellence

Our Academic Excellence begins with our caring staff and teachers focussing on the students as individuals.  Providing an all inclusive experience that both supports and enriches the students at all levels of their individual academic journey.  This focus ultimately results in graduates from Greenfield-Central High School that are prepared for whatever their futures might be.  Our students become engaged citizens ready for immediate employment opportunities, higher education, armed forces enlistment and so much more!

Every Student. Every Day.

Every student . . . Every day! Our Greenfield-Central Schools provide ALL children with access to caring staff, strong curriculum, nutritious meals, extra curricular activities and so much more. 

Student Services

Our Student Services focuses on the whole student and their entire learning experience.  Everything we do contributes to and promotes the quality of student learning.  Here are a few of the many programs we support:

  • Comprehensive Special Education Services
  • McKinney-Vento
  • High Ability Programs
  • Title I Support for struggling students
  • ENL Services 
  • Ongoing Behavior Support

Strategic Planning

We employ research-based instructional methods and innovative curriculum to help students achieve state standards.  This intentional focus helps us guide our students along their educational journeys.  Our School Board, Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff work together tirelessly to create campuses and classrooms that continually challenge and reward students as they become proficient lifelong learners.

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About Greenfield-Central

Greenfield-Central School Corporation is a public school district located in Greenfield, Indiana. The district comprises nine schools, including a high school, a junior high school, two intermediate schools, four elementary schools, and a preschool.

Greenfield-Central has more than 4,500 students enrolled in their schools. Students are encouraged to learn, play, connect and grow in their school environment.

Top-notch educational opportunities are available to your child no matter where you live in Greenfield!

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Color Harris Elementary
Color Weston Elementary
Color J.B. Stephens Elementary
Color Eden Elementary

*Harris Elementary and Weston Elementary Schools funnel into Greenfield Intermediate School
*J.B. Stephens Elementary and Eden Elementary Schools funnel into Maxwell Intermediate School

Why Greenfield-Central Schools

Why Live Here

Why Live Here

Greenfield is a small city located in Hancock County, Indiana, with a population of around 25,000 people. Greenfield offers a low cost of living, and is also known for its excellent school system, making it an attractive location for families with children. With its peaceful neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and friendly atmosphere, Greenfield is a wonderful place to call home.

Why Go To School Here

Why Go To School Here

Student happiness begins in our classrooms that are led by caring staff focused on connecting them to learning paths geared for individual success! Sports teams, music groups, and activity clubs are just a few of the many different extracurricular activities also offered in our schools. These offer students countless discovery opportunities beyond what’s available in their classrooms.

Why Work Here

Why Work Here

The success of our schools starts with the passion, experience, and dedication of our certified educators and school employees. These professionals work together as a team to nurture and grow the hundreds of thousands of students they connect with on a daily basis.

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