Maxwell Intermediate School

The top ten reasons you should send your child to Maxwell Intermediate School:

10. Climate: “At Maxwell, you get to have AWESOME, CARING teachers with POSITIVE attitudes, and you also get to make GREAT new friends.”
9. Acceptance: “Maxwell is a very welcoming and accepting school. The teachers take the time to listen and help you, recognize the positive things you do and everyone is respectful of you and the personality you may have.”
8. Safe: “It is a great school because it is a very safe, fun and friendly environment created by great Instructional Assistants, teachers, janitors, nurses, lunch ladies and office staff.”
7. Connected: “You will find more than one teacher that makes you laugh, to whom you feel connected, and that will help you understand what you are learning so much easier because you will trust that teacher so much more.”
6. Variety: MIS offers a variety of clubs & classes such as student council, K-kids, art, computers, music and PE.
5. Community Engagement: MIS supports worthy causes through Spirit Day fundraising and provides interactive fun activities such as the Talent Show and Fall Festival
4. Student Engagement: MIS has great teachers that teach lessons in fun, helpful ways using a variety of methods (technological as well as “old-fashioned”).
3. Balance: “The Maxwell staff makes use of technology as well as other learning tools to help you work toward the best that is possible for you. They push you to achieve what your goals are, and try to help you achieve higher but will not push too hard. Also, they try to help you get better and won’t just stop if you don’t get it.”
2. Expectations: “Maxwell Intermediate is a laid-back, yet strict school. If you do something wrong you get a warning, not an instant trip to the principal’s office.The school is well organized and has high expectations to which they expect you to adhere; however, they are not really mean about it.”
1. Extended Learning: MIS offers many extension activities such as math and spell bowl teams where we have numerous top ten state finishes as well as one state championship. We also offer high ability classes in ELA and math. In addition, we have added a computer coding club and robotics team in the last two years.

Bonus: “If I had the choice to stay here next year for 7th grade, I would definitely stay here!”