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Board Information

Board Information

Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation Board of School Trustees

The Board of School Trustees and the Superintendent of Schools for the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation welcome you to this information page about how a school board meeting is conducted. Your presence at a meeting shows your interest in the education of the children of this community. Decisions made at board meetings establish direction, content, and timing for most all issues that affect the education of our children and in the long run impact the future of our community. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you at future meetings.

What is the Board of School Trustees?

The Board of School Trustees is a creation of the State of Indiana legislature and is charged with providing schools and educational opportunities for children in the school corporation. The Board is comprised of five elected members. Members serve overlapping terms of four years. Four members represent specific geographic areas in which they must be a resident. The fifth member is an at-large seat and residency can be anywhere in the school corporation. Board member elections are conducted during the November general election with successful candidates taking office on January 1 of the following calendar year. All registered voters in the school corporation can vote for the candidate from any district and the at-large seat, regardless of the voter’s place of residence.

Who are the Members of the Board of School Trustees?

The five individuals who currently comprise the Board of School Trustees and their terms of office are as follows:

  • District #1 – Hillary Close 1/01/2017 to 12/31/2024 (Northwest)
  • District #2 – Rebecca Taylor  01/01/2019 to 12/31/2022  (Northeast)
  • District #3 – John Rihm 01/01/2019 to 12/31/2022 (Southwest)
  • District #4 – Dr. Lori Wean   01/01/2022 to 12/31/2024   (Southeast)
  • At-Large    – Daniel Brown 01/01/2017 to 12/31/2024

District is divided into quadrants with I-70 and SR9 being the dividers.

What is done at School Board Meetings?

The Board of School Trustees has responsibility for establishing policies by which Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation is operated. The Board acts upon recommendations made by the Superintendent of Schools (the chief executive officer) and staff on a wide variety of matters from personnel to adopting an operating budget and authorizing the spending of budgeted money. Although any topic relating to the operation of the schools may come before the Board, most matters are routinely handled through administrative channels. No one person or groups of persons may act in the name of the School Board. For an item to become official, it is necessary that a majority of board members present at either a regular or special board meeting vote in favor of a motion. No fewer than three school board members shall be present to conduct official business.

When and Where are School Board Meetings Held?

The Board of School Trustees meets regularly on the second Monday of each month at 7:00PM. Meetings are held at the Greenfield-Central Educational Services Center at 700 North Broadway Street. All meeting sites are published in the advertised public notice section of the local newspaper. In addition, when special meetings are called, public notice is given prior to the meeting. Executive sessions are held for the purpose of discussing matters of personnel, collective bargaining, litigation, purchase of property and other related topics. However, all decisions requiring Board action will be acted upon in public session.

A schedule of regular school board meetings for the year is published and available at the Administration Center and by clicking here.

Public Participation At Board Meetings

Regular and special meetings of the Board of School Trustees are open to the public. The Board of School Trustees, as an elected representative body of the school district, wishes to provide an opportunity for citizens to express interests and concerns related to the school district. The public is cordially invited to attend Board meetings.

Board meetings are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the official business of the school district. Orderly conduct of a meeting does not permit spontaneous discussion from the audience. The meetings are not public forum meetings, but are meetings held in the public. All meetings, except executive sessions, will be open to the public. The minutes of each meeting will record the action taken at that meeting. In accordance with state law, the journal of minutes is open and available to the public during the Administration Center’s normal business hours, or can be accessed via the School Corporation website. Individuals or organizations desiring to make requests, presentations or proposals to the Board will be provided that opportunity. In accordance with state law, unless an item has been posted as an official agenda item, discussion and action may be considered inappropriate.

In order that the Board may fairly and adequately discharge its overall responsibility, citizens desiring an item to be placed on the agenda for a specific Board meeting should direct requests to the Superintendent of Schools. Requests for an item to be placed on the agenda will be submitted in writing to the Superintendent seven (7) calendar days, preceding a scheduled meeting of the Board.  That request will include the name of the individual or group submitting the request, the address, the purpose of the request and the topic to be addressed.

The Superintendent will confer with the President of the Board concerning approval to place the requested item on the agenda, and to determine the appropriate meeting for such discussion. The requesting party will be advised of the meeting at which the item will be a part of the agenda. Presenters may be scheduled by the Superintendent of Schools to address subjects which are already included on the agenda. Citizens desiring to address subjects which are included on the agenda of a meeting of the Board of School Trustees will advise the Superintendent of Schools prior to noon on the Friday before the scheduled meeting.  The request will be made in writing and will included the name of the speaker, the address, telephone number, name of organization represented (if any), and the specific agenda item to be addressed, and whether speaking in support of or in opposition to the proposal.

A single spokesperson will be selected by groups or organizations to address the Board on an agenda item.  Initial presentations by speakers are limited to five minutes, although the Board of School Trustees may wish to extend the time through question-answer time, or through discussion. Persons making presentations at a Board meeting will address remarks to the President of the Board, and may direct questions or comments to Board members or other officers of the school system only upon approval of the President. Members of the Board and the superintendent may have the privilege of asking questions of any person who addresses the Board. The President of the Board will be responsible for maintaining proper order and adhering to established time limits.

Speakers will be acknowledged by the President of the Board at the appropriate time during the agenda and invited to make comments on the agenda topic. Speakers may offer objective comments of school operations and programs that concern them.  Speakers may offer objective comments regarding school operations and programs that concern them.  Speakers may in no way malign students or employees in their comments to the Board in a public meeting.  Issues related to personnel, individual circumstances or an individual school will be referred to the building principal or appropriate administrator to resolve the issue.  Further complaints or concerns will be presented to the Board in writing.  The Board of School Trustees will determine if the matter will be considered in a public meeting.

Individuals or groups desiring additional information about any item on the agenda should direct such inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent and an appropriate response will be initiated by the Superintendent, or the Superintendent’s designee.

The intent of this policy is to allow a fair and adequate opportunity to be heard, to allow the Superintendent to take action when policies have been established by the Board on the subject, and to see that time so devoted to the discussion does not interfere with the fulfillment of the scheduled agenda of the Board.