Board Meeting Schedule

School Board of Trustees
Regularly Scheduled Board Meetings
School Year 2016-2017

All regular meetings of the Board of School Trustees will be held at the G-C Educational Serivce Center, 700 North Broadway at 7:00 p.m. (unless advertised at another location). Our “Spotlight” school for each meeting is listed below.

Date Location Spotlight School
August 8, 2016 Administration Center  NONE
September 12, 2016 Administration Center Eden Elementary School
October 17, 2016 Administration Center Greenfield Intermediate School
November 14, 2016 GCJHS Cafeteria
Celebrate Excellence
Greenfield Central Junior High School
December 12, 2016 G -C Educational Service Center Maxwell Intermediate School
January 9,  2017 G -C Educational Service Center Harris Elementary School
February 13, 2017 G -C Educational Service Center J.B. Stephens Elementary School
March 13, 2017 G -C Educational Service Center NONE
April 10, 2017 G-CHS Cafeteria
Celebrate Excellence
Greenfield-Central High School
May 8, 2017 G -C Educational Service Center Weston Elementary School
June 12, 2017 GCJHS Cafeteria
Celebrate Excellence
July 10, 2017 G -C Educational Service Center NONE